After camping at Duck Puddle for so many years and enjoying Lake Pemaquid, not only for the fishing, swimming and other water sports, we discovered a new way to steal the moment. We decided to pick a spot in the lake where one could relax with a little isolation. Going around the bend after leaving the dock area with several friends and a couple of boats, we claimed a small cove area and being from “out of state” established “Flatlander Cove.” After anchoring 2 to 4 boats within a few feet of each other, we began our socialized in water meeting.

Requirements and rules. One boat must have clear operating radio/player system. After securing boats, toss one life preserver in the water for each adult and kid. Bring favorite beverage and follow your floating device. Must negotiate proper music to play. Last rule, all subjects of conversation must make sense. Too much politics and world events can be punished by a cannonball. Enjoy.

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